JT Insures Me Insurance Agency recognizes that the world of insurance is ever changing and complex. That is why we provide our clients with ways to simplify the insurance process in order to continuously meet our client's needs and interests. We are a full service agency and our value proposition is to assist our customers in lowering their total cost of risk. We look at our clients and prospective client’s unique needs and goals and put together a comprehensive insurance program tailored specifically for you.

As an independent insurance agency we work with many different insurance carriers to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. Our goal is to be there when different events happen for you and your family.

Jerry Tarian agency owner has been helping  clients prepare for there current and future insurance needs.Our goal is to build long relationships with our customers. 

So if you are Starting out or getting your own place consider renters insurance to protect your belongings.Getting a 
New job? The amount of miles you drive each day may change. You may need to update your auto insurance policy.
Getting married or buying a home? Talk to us about homeowner’s insurance and bundling auto and homeowners insurance, which could save you money.

If you are planning to start a family consider life insurance to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of in case the unexpected happens.

Enjoying your family time, purchasing a boat or RV? Consider whether a separate specialty vehicle insurance policy makes sense for you.

Consider adding a umbrella insurance policy which provides additional liability protection above and beyond standard auto and home insurance coverage. Though it’s unlikely, a major accident or even a lawsuit could significantly impact your savings and future income.
Need to save money? Some auto insurance companies offer disounts for drivers age 50 and older who take a defensive driving course.
We’re here for you during all of your life’s special moments to discuss your insurance options together.Please give us a call today.

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