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General Liability Insurance

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What is a General Liability insurance policy?

A General Liability insurance policy is typically the first step in business protection. It’s the most essential piece of your commercial insurance plan that protects your business from a person or business’ claims of bodily injury and related medical costs; property damage; data loss and personal injury. If you have business property, you might want to consider a Business Owners Policy instead.

Who needs a General Liability policy?

You, if you or your employees...

Interact with clients face to face - if you visit a client's workplace, or clients visit yours
Have access to a client's equipment - for example, IT professionals
Represent your client's business
Use third party locations for any business related activities - e.g. architects
Utilize contractors or freelancers
Operate a business without owning or renting any physical property
Are required to have General Liability insurance before entering into a contract