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Hospital Recovery Insurance

Health plans provide benefits to help with medical costs during a hospital stay. Help offset large deductibles and co-pays with Hospital Recovery Insurance!

Hospital Recovery Insurance provides cash benefits, regardless of any other insurance the claimant may have, to assist in the recovery phase following an inpatient hospital stay.

Optional benefits include:

• Emergency Room & Ambulance Benefit

• Major Diagnostic Exam Benefit

• Rehabilitation Facility Benefit

Critical Illness

Surviving a critical illness, such as cancer, heart attack or stroke today is more likely than ever—but can come with financial costs and uncertainty. A critical illness policy can help alleviate those worries by paying a lump-sum benefit when you are first diagnosed with a covered illness or medical condition. The critical illness benefit can be used to cover your mortgage, monthly bills and living expenses, out-of-pocket medical costs or in whatever way best fits your needs.

Accident Insurance Health

Plans provide benefits to help with medical costs associated with accidental injuries. Help protect your hard-earned wages and savings with Personal Accident Insurance!

Personal Accident Insurance provides cash benefits, regardless of any other insurance the claimant may have.

• ambulance transportation

• surgery

• urgent care center or physician’s office visits

• emergency room

• tests & x-rays

• hospitalization

• certain equipment and devices

• rehabilitation therapy… and more

Such benefits often supplement a person’s health coverage and may help offset large deductibles or co-pays.

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Voluntary Benefits

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Voluntary benefits are offered by employers but are paid completely or mostly by employees through payroll deferral. Traditional voluntary benefits include lifeinsurance, vision, dental, disability, cancer and critical illness insurance, and accident insurance. Some examples are listed below.